Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Want to know how you can be more friendly to the environment? The Nature Conservancy has a whole area dedicated to things you can do and information for Earth Day. Every little bit counts.

There are all sorts of things you can do with your children to make it fun and get them started early:

Plant a tree, bush, flowers or just get out in the garden
Spend a few minutes cleaning up your yard and your neighborhood
Gather your items for recycling and actually take them to the recycling plant instead of just to the curb (if it's convenient, you may want to call ahead) to let the kids ask questions about what types of things are recycled, and what they become
Buy local, go to your local farmer's market or cooperative, let the kids pick out a fruit or veggie they haven't tried before
Turn off all the lights, tv and other electrical appliances (within reason) and eat and play board games by candlelight for a few hours
Go to your local recycling plants website to find out if there are other items that you could be recycling that you aren't currently (locally it's Minnkota)

Share other ideas in the comments, please.

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