Online Books and Stories for Children

I could spend hours sifting through the archives of Project Gutenberg. Yesterday I downloaded Peter Pan in audiobook format to listen to on my MP3 player. Today I downloaded a few children's classics as well as Sir John Tenniel's Illustrations for Alice in Wonderland. How fun would some of these be on the walls of a playroom?

I just love the illustrations by Edmund Dulac of Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales. Especially this one from the story "THE LAPP WOMAN AND THE FINN WOMAN".

Another favorite resource of mine is the Internet Archive Children's Library. A picture gallery for all good boys and girls is a lovely example of a picture book from the early 1800's. Choose Flip Book as your viewing option to see it in a book layout format.

And finally, Kiddie Records Weekly is a three year long project that ended in 2007 (*Update* It was started up again!) to archive many of the kids records, their covers and inner books if available. Many of these I recognized from my childhood, however most are new to me. There are over 240 total records available for download in MP3 format. And considering that two of the records are "magic" albums which allow you two choose the story line which can result in a possible 256 combinations each, it's almost like having over 750 stories (See 2007 Week 17 and Week 33 for the "magic" records). Bonus records will still be added from time to time, but I wouldn't expect to see anything weekly or monthly even.

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