Absence makes for terrible blogs

Well I haven't posted much... anything... for ages...

My husband had a hemorrhage in his brain this past July and only within the 60 days has the blood cleared enough the doctors to see what caused it. He has an AVM (Arterio Venous Malformation) which will have to be dealt with. So we've been back and forth to Minneapolis and Rochester this past month and he is going for surgery next week, so we'll be gone again. Hopefully everything will be fine, but in the meantime I'm not really posting here or on Kitchen Comforts. I will pick both back up in about a month and for those that know me, email and I'll answer questions and give you the details.

In retrospect I probably shouldn't really have a blog, because I don't put all the personal stuff out here really. I write the least when I have the most to write about. Because it's personal and my life. I write the most when nothing interesting is going on and I have time to blather on and on and on about trivial unimportant tidbits. Kinda like my diary when I was younger, I never wrote down the stuff that really meant anything, because I was always freaked that my younger brother or his friends might find it. I certainly understand why people like Ashley blog anonymously. (If that is indeed her real name)

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