Hot Mamas Know: Eye Secrets

Since you are supposed to play up your best feature, I always keep my lips simple, and play up my eyes.

Disclaimer: This is geared towards my skin complexion which is very fair, but with tone changes should work for anyone.

First, I occassionally always have dark circles under my eyes, so I use a yellow tinted under eye concealer. The yellow neutralizes the purplish tone of dark circles.

Second, I use a light pink or light cream (depending on the shadow going over it) eye base across the entire lid. This keeps my shadow in place for the evening and prevents creasing, which is especially obvious if you use more dramatic colors for a special occassion.

Third, I use a white or very light pink pencil to line inside the lash line, not too heavy. This helps your eyes appear more open and awake, especially helpful when you are sleep deprived.

Fourth, I use a bit of white shimmer powder up by the eyebrow arch. Again, this serves to help your eyes appear more open and awake and draw attention to your eyes.

Then I apply eyeliner, shadow and mascara as usual. If you haven't had much sleep lately and your eyes are a bit red, go with a blue toned shadow. It helps your eyes appear less red.

I use Clinique, but I'm sure you can find similar items in most cosmetics lines.
These are the products I use:

They no longer carry my favorite undereye concealer. This one works, but not as well, so I'm up for recommendations.

Fair Airbrush Concealer

Touch Base for Eyes in Light Canvas or Petal Shimmer

Sephora Slim Pencil in White

Colour Surge Eye Shadow Soft Shimmer in Sugar Sugar


  1. awesome... I love the tips about color.

  2. you've got it right! the eyes are the most 'catchy' part of our face.

    whenever we see new people, its the eyes that makes us like or dislike that person....

    so do up your eyes!

  3. Thanks...

    Can you tell I need to look "awake" a lot?

  4. I am so clueless on this front. THanks!

  5. Do you have any suggestions on a "green" concealer to hide red splotches?


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