The whole web is more important?

I was trying to figure out ratios for my Balsamic Vinaigrette for Kitchen Comforts and asked hubby for a little taste testing assistance.

What was I thinking?

First of all, I'm a dump cook, I don't measure things out. However, for this foray into food blogging, I have to try to be better about amounts. I have to give verifiable quantities, not a pinch, dash, bit, smidgen, shake, etc. So, I had my measuring spoons out.

Second of all, I'm a dump cook, I don't measure things out. This drives my hubby crazy when he's helping, as I tell him to add a pinch of this, a dash of that...

Well, I was adding more honey and since I had to keep track of how much, I added another tsp.

"You're using a measuring spoon?"

"I have to, so I can give amounts for the recipe."

"You never give me real amounts."

"It's different, I can watch what you are doing, and see whether it's right."

"So the whole web is more important than me?"

"It's a dressing, I have to give right amounts or it won't taste right"

"So the whole web is more impor..."

As I stuff a piece of bread soaked in vinaigrette in his mouth...

For the record, I still didn't get the vinaigrette quite right. It's much easier to gauge just the right squeeze of mustard, it just didn't look right sitting in the teaspoon.


  1. I never measure anything either. Although, I quit cooking. I finally understand why mother quit cooking when I was a kid. LOL

  2. I've decided to find some really good basic recipes for once I have kids... that I think they'll eat too. Hopefully this will all be sooner rather than later.


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