"Now Everyone is More Important"

Ok, I thought I was doing him a favor...

My hubby wants green bean casserole with Thanksgiving dinner, and since it always gets all gloppy, and is really high in sodium, I told him I was going to try a few substitute recipes and see if he likes any of them better as a replacement.

So then after watching too much FoodTV Thanksgiving Specials last week, I told him that Alton Brown said that the only acceptable Green Bean Casserole is the one with all the French Fried Onions and Cream of Mushroom Soup. So I thought about it and figured all the sodium on one day shouldn't kill him and I was going to make his Green Bean Casserole. I thought I was doing something nice for him... I was wrong.

Instead he says it's not enough that he wants it, I have to listen to the opinion of a chef instead... and that it's not just the whole world wide web that's more important, now everyone is.


Oh well, I was trying to be nice... By serving him high-sodium glop...


  1. *sigh* I thought he was gonna be happy with what you did too!

    *sigh again* Man! Man! Man! who says woman is hard to please?!

  2. I'm guessing he was just giving me a hard time. Hopefully he doesn't really think that.


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