Christmas Shopping Already?

Ok, normally I'm fairly creative and at least have some ideas as to what to get adults for Christmas. This year, I have nothing, nada, zilch, zip, zero... Kids are easy, plop a bit of cheap plastic in wrapping paper and they writhe in delight upon opening. (Actually, no cheap plastic this year, too many toy recalls are freaking me out!  Books and the like for all of them.)

I don't think my hubby would be too thrilled to open a box of nothing Christmas morning... "It's um... quarks... from um... the planet um... Pluto..." And of course, I'd be caught in a lie, because well, we all know Pluto isn't a planet.

My hubby is an Electrical Engineer, so when I look at lists they tend to be the "Gifts for Geeks" type lists. Problem with this, as anyone married to a tech geek knows, is that these tech geeks do research.

They don't want just any gadget, they want this brand, this model, with this and this and this option in this color. And they know this because they did a gazillion hours of research to figure out which one they want.

And well asking for all those specs while scribbling furiously is just a little too obvious.

So unless you are super-crafty and discrete and can get him to give you all the specs above without him knowing it, you will inevitably get the look when they open the gift.

The look is really a 3 for 1 deal, you get the "This Is Awesome" look followed by the "Quizzical Analyzing Specs" look followed by the "Not Quite Right, I Wonder If I Can Exchange It Without Her Noticing" look.

This look is also commonly seen after a gift of tools...


  1. Awww...'man' is the toughest person to give any gift. Be it birthday or seasonal or anniversary or whatever reason...I always buy things he can wear...(so boring)...

    just get him some sexy brief to get the 'giving season' over and done with..*wink*

  2. *laugh* I usually put the silk boxers in the stocking. I'd love to get him a Blu-Ray DVD player this year, but seriously have no idea which one he even wants and I know he's done the research... I have to get super-crafty...

    I usually get him jeans, socks and stuff he needs, but I try to get him at least one thing that he doesn't need but wants. Which is where the techy stuff always comes in.

  3. This is why I don't give two toots about surprising the hubs anymore. He writes down the exact thing and I buy the exact thing.

    BTW, I tried to email you but your email button wouldn't work on your profile. I need to give you a head's up on something. Would you mind shooting me an email thru my profile??

  4. I still try... glutton for punishment I guess...

    He makes a point of trying to get me something that I will absolutely love but not have on my wishlist. This isn't an easy feat, considering I put everything I come across that I would like on my amazon wishlist (if they have it)... I use it as a sort of clearinghouse for ideas and neat things I've heard about list...

    Sent you an e-mail, and off to try to fix mine.


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