1 party down, 2 to go

For the past 2 years in the middle of December, we throw a cocktail party. This year it will be next Saturday, so I have to start planning a menu. Figuring out what mixers we need. I made nice little elegant looking PDF invites...

Cocktail party, you say?

Are you imagining wine and quiche and women in cocktail dresses?

Yeah, there's a little of that. There is about 10-15 wine types/brands, 3-4 beer options... oh, and about 75-100 bottles of different liquor types, combined with webtender.com's In My Bar feature and the Pick A Random Drink option.

That's the reality.

By the end of the night most people have sampled about 15-20 half shot sized portions of who knows what...

This year I'm going to actually make an effort to keep track of what we try.

Usually by the time my 5th shot comes around I don't really care anymore anyway.

Then we have the annual tasting of the Brennivin, an extremely strong Icelandic Schnapps. Those new to the party that year get the honor of tasting it first. There will be a few grimaces to look forward to.

Last year they decided to scour the list and only sample the drinks with at least mildly offensive names. I have to say I kinda liked the "Duck Fart".


  1. Wow... sounds like a good time had by all!

  2. It's actually a blast... last year the last person left at about 6:30am... I can't handle it more than once a year though...

  3. Duck Fart sounds good!! Anything with Baileys and Kahlua is high on my list. :D Wish I lived closer to you 'cause that sounds like my kind of party. LOL

  4. Well you are officially invited if you want to come. It's next weekend so it might not be enough notice, but I'd be thrilled to have you here! :)


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