Tuesday in the Nursery: Wubbanub

I know Wubbanubs have been making the rounds on the nursery/mom/baby blogs. Otherwise, I'd have never known about them. However, being that they are basically unknown up here in North Dakota, so I figured I'd mention them.

Wubbanubs are Soothie pacifiers attached to small stuffed animals to make it easier for baby to hold on to and keep the pacifier in the mouth. And, easier to find if they happen to fall out. Everyone I've given them to so far just loves them.

I can't even remember what site I first read about them on, I'm guessing it was PoshCravings, since that was the first baby one I started following. However, when I saw them I put them on my list of "Baby Stuff I Want" right away. When Baby Dagny had their big moving sale a few months back I bought a dozen. I've hoarded a few away to keep and have been giving the rest away as baby gifts.

I love the red dog, it reminds me of Clifford the Big Red Dog. And the bright color makes it easy to find among other baby stuff. Which I'm hoping it will make it easier to see once we are trying to juggle a baby and all the paraphanelia that comes with one.

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