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There are so many blogs out there covering modern design and modern nursery accessories and modern this and that. To take it a step further, there are a lot that even narrow it down to mid-century modern. I have a hard time finding blogs that really concentrate on decor and design that feels very traditional or vintage even. While I like the simplicity of modern, I don't care for a lot of the fabric choices or all the straight lines. Simply not my taste, I like a little frou-frou, or fussiness as my sister-in-law calls it.

I keep hearing that there are too many breakables and that my house won't work for children. Growing up my mother had plenty of breakables, but we were taught to stay out of certain rooms and that some things were to look at, not to touch. I knew this at a very young age. When I was 2, I knew my grandmother's figurines were very precious and not to be played with like toys. I was always fascinated though, and one day my mother and grandmother puzzled at what was wrong with the figurines. What looked like a strange shadow on them was in fact jelly, since I had very carefully kissed each one after having indulged in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My point is that children can be taught to be respectful. Since we will have our own munchkins running around the house soon I will let you know how things go.

So, in my more traditional preferences, I'll highlight traditional children and nursery items that I absolutely love on Tuesdays.

I absolutely fell in love with the round cribs that have been in the market for a few years now. I couldn't wait to get one, since we finally have our own nursery to plan. There is quite a selection at All Things Creative, including some that are geared specifically towards each gender. These are the cribs I coveted.

Recently though a more affordable option is available for those of us looking for a round crib on a more modest budget. Last year JCPenney started offering a limited selection of round cribs, they are much more affordable and still look great. For mine, I picked a gender-neutral cherry panelled round crib from JCPenney that will be used for all of our children. I absolutely love it! I am very happy with the quality, and I also got the optional canopy intending to use it with a canopy for a girl and without for a boy.

The crib in my nursery


  1. Those are beautiful. I've never seen that!

  2. Thank you!
    I can't take credit for them, just for coveting them.

  3. I realize I'm about two years too late to this conversation but I'm curious to ask if you ever did get a round crib? I've been looking up and down for reviews of them and can't find anything.

    I'm thinking of changing to a round crib and wanted to know what parents thought after having used one.


  4. When I was pregnant with my first son, I bought a white wooden round crib from All Things Creative, Inc. The post toppers are 3 stars and 1 moon. We asked them to leave the front panel undecorated and then my husband added "USA" in red letters as the room has a space theme. We have loved this crib!!! Used it for first and second sons. Both were in it until about age 2 with plenty of room. Definitely a conversation piece!! Sadly, my sons have now outgrown this crib and it is time to let it go.

  5. lrlanter: Thank you for your comment! I love ours, I adored the ones from All Things Creative... The toppers and customized panels are so cute... Mine is just the plain cherry one from JC Penney's and everyone who has seen mine comments on how they love it. We are hoping it will be able to be a family heirloom piece.
    I'll pass your comment on to glastonburyrain... :)


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