Crash Into Me

I just LOVE this photograph, which I just purchased. Yay!

I stumbled on Bueller Designs a while back and immediately subscribed to the RSS Feed. Every post is a bit of eye candy. So, with the announcement of her new site today, of course I had to peek. (*NOTE* Bueller Designs is now found at From London With Love and previous links have been removed. For photography, visit Alysia Cotter Photography directly.)

I was immediately smitten with the photo titled "Crash Into Me". I have 2 possible locations for it, I'll try them both and see which I like best. One is a wall which will be painted Valspars "Posh Red" when we finish it this weekend, the other is my office which will be painted Valspars "Irish Paddock".

I'm leaning towards a simple black square frame at the moment. I'll have to think about it a bit. I'm open to suggestions. When I get the photograph I'll take a quick snapshot with each wall to give you an idea.

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