Bathroom Update

I wanted to get the bathroom repaired before November, since we are having three different events at our house then. Otherwise, it would wait until Spring.

The project was supposed to be:
  1. Remove wallpaper
  2. Paint

The project turned into:
  1. Remove wallpaper
  2. Remove next layer of wallpaper
  3. Remove drywall (It wasn't properly prepped and started falling apart in step 2)
  4. Replace drywall
  5. Mud and Tape
  6. Sand
  7. Patch walls
  8. Sand
  9. Patch walls (due to shrinkage)
  10. Sand
  11. Prime
  12. Scrape ceiling
  13. Patch ceiling
  14. Patch walls (a few dings that weren't visible until primed)
  15. Sand ceiling
  16. Sand walls
  17. Prime ceiling
  18. Prime walls
  19. Patch walls (ladder dings from priming ceiling and a few final tiny dings)
  20. Sand walls
  21. Prime those spots
  22. Paint ceiling
  23. Paint walls

So now we have two more coats to go on the wall (we're painting it a deep red), but it's almost done! A one day job is now on it's 4th week. Gotta love home improvement.  Not done, but at least you can get an idea of the color.  Also, can anyone give me tips on how to photograph red paint?  They all look orange to me, but the paint is actually a deep blue red.

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