I love lightening and thunderstorms. The way the air smells just after a lightening storm. Everything smells "fresh". Maybe it's the ozone giving me a buzz, but I love it. We've had a few here lately, and had one last night, and we're having one again tonight. I don't mind though, I love the patter of rain as I'm trying to sleep and love leaving windows open when it's raining. Provided the wind isn't blowing rain in them, of course. When I was younger I used to love going outside whenever it rained, twirling in it holding my face up to the sky. It's by far my favorite weather, what's yours?

Plus, my tomato plants can always use the rain.


  1. Ditto and ditto!

    Next year, all I'm going to plant is cherry tomatoes. Have you ever tried the upside-down container method?

  2. No I haven't can you elaborate?

    Actually I'm only doing cherry and grape tomatoes next year too. My regular tomatoes never started coming up... Either that or I'm not going to start regular tomatoes from seed and Miracle Grow them...

  3. I did cherry tomatoes, yellow tomatoes (I'm sure there's a formal name for them but I don't know what it is), and regular tomatoes. I'll probably only go with cherry tomatoes next year.

    Here are some examples. I'm going to try those next year.


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