Netflix Stalkers?

Sam Anderson has an article on Slate regarding NetFlix voyeurism. It's actually quite interesting, because I'm always interested in the types of movies people watch, books they read or music they listen to. I feel it gives a little insight into their personality. However, as a Netflix friend, you would get to see not only what they say they like, but what they actually rent. It would be like giving people a peek at my Amazon purchases and wish lists but without all the gifts purchased (since you don't rent gifts, I hope). So, the sample is a little more pure or uncontaminated. Of course, there are always the movies that you watch because everyone is talking about them and you want to be "in the know". However, when you rent the cheesy dreck 5 times, your friends would be "in the know". Do you like sharing so much information with everyone or do you keep your privacy a bit?


  1. I'd never heard of that, Netflix voyeurism but now I'm curious and will probably end up googling it. We did Netflix quite a few years ago but cancelled because it seemed to be taking longer and longer for the movies to reach us (we were in WI at the time).

    Speaking of movie rentals, we just rented and watched Silent Hill. Gonna watch Poseidon tonight.

  2. Well I swear I copied the link into the link field but I noticed it's not there...

    Well here is the link...

    Slate Article

  3. Ok, when I go to edit the post to add the link, it shows the link in the box, but it doesn't link the title. I blame it on the fact that I switched over to the beta version of blogger. I liked the stretch format better...


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