One of the blogs that I read had a post recently referring to mixtapes. Which reminded me of a challenge, per se, that my sister put forth about a month ago. A friend of hers issued the challenge of creating a soundtrack to her life. My sister sent me her mixtape song choice compilation a few days after telling me about it. I've mulled it over off and on for about a month now and have chosen a few must have favorites. However, I still have quite a bit to choose. Mixtapes that go beyond a specific mood are always such a process for me.

So I'm just a bit curious now, what songs would you include as must have's on your life's soundtrack? Which approach would you take, a birth to current list of favorites? or songs that illustrate what you've gone through in life? pick favorite artists and find appropriate songs to fit, even if they aren't song favorites? or an entirely different approach?

I've got about half of my songs chosen, and I've been working on the rest this weekend. I'll post it when I have it done.


  1. Hmmmm, food for thought. Is there a limit to the amount of songs? Post what you decide on and I'll do the same.

  2. Well the limit would be whatever you could fit on a CD. The minimum would be whatever you decide.

    I'm trying to do a combination of a birth to current conglomeration, and a what I've gone through type thing. The problem is that the favorites and things that remind me of growing up, don't mesh well with the later choices. So I'm giving it more thought. A few that I'm putting on are Melt with You by Modern English for when I met Paul... I was thinking of finishing off with Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds... I figure I have to fit a few favorite artists in as well. That's what I'm doing so far though...


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