Christmas Lights & Cocoa

This time of year, my favorite thing to do in the evening is make some cocoa for Paul and I, bundle up and go for a drive to look at the Christmas lights. It's interesting, because when gawking and commenting the gaudier the displays, the merrier the drive. I just love to look at the houses all lit up like used car lots and wonder at the sheer number of light up Santa's they manage to squeeze into one yard. Not to mention the plethora of light up snowmen, reindeers, christmas trees and nativity scenes accompanying the Santa's. These days, often accompanied by an 8' inflatable snow globe. My favorite part of the drive is going by the historic homes on Belmont and Reeves, and for a few minutes, I can feel like I'm back in a quaint New England town, where you might actually find carollers in the town square. My favorite displays are the simple ones, just white lights, greenery and red bows, with maybe a sleigh leaned up by the front door or a snowman in the front yard.

This year we're heading to Orlando, Florida for Christmas, where it will be sunny and in the mid-60's for Christmas Day. While I'm eager to escape the snow and ice, it's hard to feel like Christmas when it feels like summer. Somehow driving around looking at Christmas lights while sipping a glass of sweet tea just isn't the same. Although, I'm sure the light displays can be just as entertaining, and perhaps even more so with the addition of a light up flamingo or two.

What's your favorite light display style? For your own house, and for looking at on the Christmas light drives?

My own is fairly simple, white icicle lights along the edge of the roof on the front of the house and a wreath in each of the alcoves and on the front door. Probably doesn't warrant more than a passing glance on drives, no gawking at my house.


  1. Our family picks one night of the year, about a week or so before Christmas, to drive around and gawk at the outside holiday decor. What's with the inflatables? They're taking over the town! Snowmen, Santas, reindeers, elves....people seem to love these oversized things. What possesses a person to root an eight foot tall Frosty the Snowman in their front yard?

    I know what you mean about Christmas in warmer weather. The snow and cold does have a purpose after all. hehe Have a blast in Orlando! Do you have family there?

    Last year, we had icicle lights but they never worked. This year, my husband insisted on hanging regular lights. So, I gave in. They don't work either. It's actually pretty funny. Only one string is functioning and on that one string, only half of the lights are lit up. It's so pathetic! We just laugh it off.

    How long will you be in FL? Who are you spending Christmas with? Any New Years' plans?

  2. My parents are driving from MN to spend Christmas here in Sioux Falls. They should be here Friday afternoon. My kids are so excited to see Nana and Papa, especially my oldest daughter. They live five hours from us but we still manage to see each other only two or three times a year.

    MGM Studios? I want to go there! Have you already been to Disneyland (or is Disneyworld)? If you do end up going to MGM Studios, tell me all about it.

    I'm glad I got this post in before you leave. I'm not sure if you'll have internet access where you're visiting. We haven't known (I use that term loosely lol) each other for long, but I do wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays!! :D

  3. Oooooh, I really like the new background!

    Welcome back. :) I can't wait to see your pics! I have never been to any places that you mentioned, but I've always wanted to go to Disneyland.

    Even though you didn't get to spend too much time at MGM, did you enjoy time with the family? Get any good gifts? Have any funny stories?

    Christmas here was laid back. Most of us were in pajamas or sweats and I didn't cook much. As for New Year's, my husband and I spent it at home, as usual. Who wants to be on the road on New Year's eve?

    Glad to hear from you. Post an entry soon and upload your photos, girl! ;)


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